Forbes lists Denver in Ten Best Cities to Buy a Home

They say all real estate is local. And it's really true.

Forbes magazine recently did an analysis of estimated 2008 housing inventory, sales rates and turnovers to determine where there is most likely to be an increase in sales in the near future.

Guess what city came in at #5?

The article, called Best Places for Real Estate Deals, said that a pure "buyer's market" is one where there are far more sellers than buyers. That creates a drop in demand, which leads to a drop in prices. Or, in Denver's case, a stall. The article shows Denver's price growth since 2006 at exactly 0.0%. But if that market is expected to drop further, buying may not be a good idea.

So Forbes set out, using sales and inventory models from, to determine which markets are expected to experience upswings that will make buying today worthwhile.

About Denver, they said While other markets have experienced meltdowns, Denver has been quietly correcting its inventory glut, which at the beginning of the year was one of the worst in the country. Though prices aren't expected to rebound quickly, if Denver sellers continue to unload their properties at discounted rates, it could be a strong year for buyers, with less risk than the past two years.

So don't believe the gloom and doom you read in the local papers. Now may be a very good time to buy!