Welcome To My VIP (Very Impressive Providers) List My clients frequently call me for the names of good service providers.  You know . . . painters, accountants, hairstylists, whatever. Since I’ve lived and worked in Denver for such a long time, I’ve amassed a pretty long list of people I think are exceptional at what they do.  When I don’t know of anyone, I call my friends and contracts until I find someone that someone else thinks is terrific.

So I got to thinking – why not collect all of those names in one place?  I put the word out to my clients and friends, asking them to give me the names of service providers whom they believe do an exceptional job.  I didn’t want “average” or “I guess he was okay.”  I wanted the few, the proud, the businesspeople who go above and beyond the call of duty to give great service to their customers.

And here they are.  The * next to a name indicates that I have worked with this provider personally.  The rest are recommended by others.

I called each one myself to confirm that – as of now -- they’re all still in business and welcoming new business.   But phone numbers can change, businesses can change hands.  So please do let me know if you run across a number that doesn’t work, a business that’s gone away, etc.

If you use the services of any of these providers, please tell them that I sent you.  And, of course, let me know if you’ve worked with a VIP you’d like to add to the list!

Contractor/Homeowner Services

Appliance Repair
L&G Appliance and Heat, 720-870-6862

Asbestos Testing and Abatement
Matt Parker, Certified Insulators, Inc., 303-308-0603
Doug Aldinger, D&D Environmental Consulting, Inc., 303-730-7877

Basement Finishing
*Jason Couch, All About Basements, 303-588-6024,

Cindy Trocciola, Cashmere Floors, 720-394-3369
Sloan's Carpet Secret, (303) 300-9555

Carpet Cleaning
Kevin Stewart, Tri-R- Carpet Care, 303-898-1329

Drywall Installation and Repair
Shawn Evans, Cornerstone Drywall, 303-688-9221
Scott Southern, Southern Drywall, 303-619-5545 
Orlando and Nathan Alarid, Alarid Services, 720-569-3327

Ed Jueschke, SJO Electric, 303-400-4321

Environmental Home Inspection, Mold Inspection
  *Carl Grimes, Healthy Habitats, 303-671-9653 or 720-272-1023 

Exterminator/Animal Control
 A All Animal Control, 303-452-2113
Joe Arnold, Action Pest Control, 303-798-6184

Glass & Mirror
Olde Town Arvada Glass & Mirror, 303-432-9954

Hardwood Floors 
  *Guy’s Floor Service, 303-371-8900
Jonathan Ruiz, Ambient Hardwood Flooring, 720-206-8923
 *S and S Floor Surfacing, 303-450-4115

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
*Comfy Cave Heating and Air303-645-4889
 *Steel T Heating and Air, 303-761-9276

Home Inspections
 *Rick Slocum, Absolute Home Inspections, 303-916-6822 or 303-646-0155

House Cleaning 
Marcella's Cleaning and Concierge, (303) 974-4176
Soledad Lujan, Lobos Cleaning, 720-232-48889
Tara Zengolewicz, tsierota39@yahoo.com
Wendy Buytas, Wendy's Cleaning Service, (303) 639-9984

Interior Design 
 Ashleigh Weatherill Interior Design, 720-323-0749
  *Eric Mandil, Mandil Inc., 303-892-5805

Dave Heon, David's Landscaping and Construction, 720-270-1955

Dave McLemore, Western Lock & Safe, 303-202-2722

Mortgage Brokers
*Deana Hollstein , Home Mortgage Alliance, 303-300-8910 

*Cowboy Moving and Storage, (303) 789-2200
 Checkmate Moving, 303-346-MOVE
Two Men with Big Hearts Moving and Storage, 303-751-4000

Cece Torres, Torres Painting, 720-377-5928
 Vince, Italian Designs, 720-365-5588
*Mac Construction, 720-384-8598

*Luis Martinez, All Phase Home Solutions, 303-945-9170
Joe Cronen, Cronen Plumbing, 303-937-8369
Bill Griggs, Key Plumbing Solutions, 303-474-4580

 Pool Cleaning and Service
Tony's Pool Service, 303-797-2683

Property Management
Bobby Mathieson, Aspen Management, (720) 473-6440

Remodeling/General Construction/Handyman
 *Mike Jones, 5280 Renovation and Repair, 720-371-0658
Mike Eck, Cornerstone Construction LTD, 720-498-7871
Jorge Duran, DHR Home Repairs, 303-905-3152

*Kevin Trizna, M4 Roofing, 303-797-8600

Sewer Inspection/Scoping
Discount Rooter, 303-250-2101
 *Mainline Services, (303) 596-5803
*Sewer View 720-201-3774

Structural Engineer
Drew Schneider, 303-929-4272
Mike Schmidt, Colorado Structural Services, 303-557-2000

Tree Removal
Scott Brice, A Stump Man, 303-981-7979

Water Softening, Filtration and Heating
Chuck the Waterman, 303-543-9600


Personal/Professional Services

Rebecca Wallace-Beattie, 303-384-0046

Auto Repair 
 *Steve Mancinelli, Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center, 303-778-9761
My Auto Service Center, 303-469-2886

Dr. James Kabel, Kabel Chiropractic, 720-489-1450
Dr. Joseph Hummell, Hummell and Kamura Chiropractic, 303.694.2700
Dr. Mario Chavez, Vita Nova Spinal Care,  303-798-8672

Janice Sullivan, Healing Hands Colorado, 720-334-9850 

Dr. Joe Marceny, Pediatric Pathways, 303-694-2323

Personal Training
 *Brian Miller and Aaron Wilson, Fitness Evolution, 303-238-5015 

 *Andrea Flanagan Photography, 720-217-3251

Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Wayne Sargent, Front Range Veterinary Clinic, 303-233-6322

Of course, no good recommendation list would be complete without a disclaimer.  Everyone on this list is here because I or someone I know had a terrific experience with them in the past.  That certainly increases the odds that you’ll have a good experience, too.  But it’s not a guarantee.  Alas, no such guarantees exist in this life.  So, obviously, I can’t be held responsible for the service provided or any disputes that may arise.  Would you like a magnetized version of this directory?  Just let me know and I’ll get one out to you right away!