MB's Client Appreciation Picnic was a smash success!!

On Sunday, September 16, I held my first annual Client Appreciation Picnic and Softball Tournament at Writer's Vista Park in Centennial. It was so much fun!! The weather was great, except for about ten minutes of driving rain which God apparently put there to remind us all of the importance of a good roof. (The Park Shelter Designers of the City of Littleton apparently need such a reminder, because the shelter they designed was virtually useless for protection from even the mildest of elements.)

The softball game was a nail biter. I -- who had not swung a bat since 5th grade -- actually made a run. Although it only happened because the pitcher took pity on me and didn't throw me out at first base, which he easily could and should have done. In the end, I believe buyers defeated sellers, although nobody is sure of the exact score.

The food, catered by Lou Ann Bauer, was wonderful. My homemade sangria was a hit. And we held an award ceremony for the most important guests -- the wonderful men and women I call my clients and my friends, the people who have made this work so rewarding and so much fun for me.

So check out the pictures and come join us next year!