If You're Ever Remotely Considering Selling, Read This . . .

Well, I walked off the plane and into a firestorm.  Actually, technically, I hadn’t even walked off the plane yet.

We were sitting on the runway in Newark, waiting to take off for the final leg of the trip from Rome to Denver.  You know how they ask you to turn your phone off?  And how everybody pretends they did it, but no one actually does?  And how embarrassing it is when your phone then actually rings?  That’s what happened to me.  Twice.  Same number both times.

So I let it go to voice mail, and then surreptitiously listened to the message.  It was an agent.  He had submitted an offer on one of my listings.  A listing that wasn’t scheduled to start showing until the next day.  So I checked my iPad.  (No, I hadn’t turned that off, either.)  Saw an offer.  A good one.  Well over asking price.  And then I realized “that isn’t the same agent’s name.”  I scrolled down and realized that I had not one but TWO offers, both well over asking, both sight unseen, on a listing that wasn’t even open for showings yet.

By the end of the next day we had five offers.

Fast forward one week.  Another listing hits the market, with showing scheduled to start a day later.  I get a call, while I’m in a closing, from an agent whose buyers, once again, want to submit an offer sight unseen.  By the end of the first day of showings we had three offers, even higher above asking than the listing the previous weekend.

I have another listing hitting the market this weekend.  Fasten your seat belts.

These aren’t listings in the “hot” central Denver neighborhoods.  They’re nice but simple houses in suburban neighborhoods, priced under $350,000.  And everybody wants them.

All this to say . . . if you have been even remotely considering selling, you may want to give me a call.  

Because now could be a really, really good time to do it.