MB's Client Testimonials Broadcast To Thousands At RE/MAX International Convention

So every year RE/MAX has a big international convention. Thousands and thousands of agents and owners from all over the world gather in Las Vegas to learn, to network and to celebrate all things RE/MAX.

Ad every year at the convention, with much fanfare, they roll out a big new project for all of the agents and bigwigs collected there. This year the big project was a series called "Connecting With Clients", which consists of seven brief video segments featuring RE/MAX clients talking about their wonderful experience with their RE/MAX agent. Agents from all over the world can download these segments from the RE/MAX web site and send them to their clients to demonstrate how great it is to work with a RE/MAX agent.

And, out of those seven segments, two of them featured my clients talking about their experience working with me!!

So, out of all the agents in all the offices in all the world, they chose my clients. Okay, so I do work in Denver, where RE/MAX International is headquartered -- which made it easy to interview my clients. But hey -- there are well over a thousand RE/MAX agents here in town, so that's still pretty good!

Anyway, you can see the segments for yourself. Just click here to see my clients Quinston and Regina, and here to see the Tirella sisters. This one was particularly fun. I was present for the taping. My clients Chuck and Angie were nice enough to allow the RE/MAX film crew to come over to their new house on moving day. Between their families and the movers and the film crew and the poor hapless cable guy who showed up in the middle of it all, it was a bit chaotic. (There were a few family members telling the neighbors that the house was going to be the the set for MTV's latest season of "The Real World.") I left the house while the taping was going on so they wouldn't feel self conscious talking about me while I was there. But as I was leaving, I heard "cut" several times because they kept saying my name when they were supposed to be saying "our RE/MAX agent."

I'm very excited and happy about this. It tells me that I'm on the right track in always striving to put the needs of my clients first. And it tells me that RE/MAX International knows what I already knew -- that I have really terrific clients!!